4 Ice Dance Holds And Tips To Do Them
The girls right hand will go on top.
The girls left hand should be resting on her partners chest. Not griping on top and not holding his back.
Both partners want to keep both elbows engaged and held up. No droopy elbows here.
Similar to waltz we don’t want any droopy elbows in this hold either.
The girl will interlock her right thumb in her partners right hand, making sure the hand is not placed too high it should placed on her right hip.
In this hold you want to make sure you are close and holding pressure between each other. Don’t let too much space separate you.
Reverse Kilian: this position is the same as kilian but on opposite sides.
Same as waltz, the girls right hand goes on top and left hand is resting on her partners chest.
In this position we want to make sure we keep our hips facing forward and don’t collapse into each other.
Remember this?!Still no droopy elbows. Also no locked elbows either.
As the guy make sure you don’t collapse your right shoulder in. It should be pulled back and engaged.
And lastly here are some examples of incorrect hand position and placement for the guy. The last position is what we are aiming for.
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