5 Iconic Views Of Paris At Night
The Pont Alexander III bridge spans the Seine. Stroll across & along the river for a romantic eve.
The gilded statues, opulent lights, and ornate bridge create stunning and dramatic pictures.
The tower turns into a dazzling display of lights at the top of every hour. Vive la France!
The reliefs and inscriptions depict battle heroes of Napoleon's reign & honors the unknown soldiers.
Twelve streets lead to this historic monument. Views from the roof-top terrace are amazing!
Hotel de Ville was once the headquarters of the French Revolution and was rebuilt after a great fire
Located on the right bank across from Île de la Cité, it is impressive Parisien architecture.
Notre Dame is a widely recognized symbol of Paris.
Fun Fact:Assassin's Creed video helped reconstruct the cathedral after the devestating fire in 2019.
Sacré-Coeur crowns Montmarte, the highest point of Paris. The travertine stone radiates brilliantly.
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