14 Ideas For Travel Jumpropes
Need some inspiration for your next travel Jumprope? These 14 ideas will get your creativity flowing!
Channel your inner artist and share a roundup of the best street art, museums or murals in a city or neighborhood.
Have kids? Create a Jumprope featuring activities to do when traveling with kids so parents can easily plan their getaways.
Calling all food and drink lovers! Share a roundup of your favorite restaurants, eateries or bars in a particular city.
Create a first timers guide for a city or area that you’re an expert in so any new visitors know the best recommendations and things to do.
Share a few ideas for day trips to take from a particular city or area.
Traveling on a budget is something we can all appreciate so share affordable options for a particular destination without breaking the bank.
Within every city are unique neighborhoods that deserve their own spotlight. A neighborhood guide would make an awesome Jumprope!
Some people want to visit a new place and see the top highlights so create a Jumprope of the top tourist destinations in different cities.
Know the most photo-worthy spots in your city or region? Highlight the best spots for a photo op to create memories when traveling.
In every destination you can find cheap or even free activities to do so create a Jumprope or the best free things to do in a particular city.
Some travelers are interested in living like locals where they visit so create a guide of what locals love in different cities.
Only have 48 hours to explore? Share a weekend guide of the best spots to hit when you’re visiting somewhere for a limited time.
Ah, the great outdoors! Create a Jumprope with the top outdoor things to do in different places for travelers to get a breath of fresh air.
Create seasonal travel guides of the best things to do in different locations for spring, summer, fall, or winter.
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