Inspired by Romero Britto’s “New Day” ❤️🌅🧡
Romero Britto is a Brazilian 🇧🇷 artist who combines elements of Cubism, Pop Art & graffiti painting in his work.
Britto uses vibrant colors & bold patterns as a way to show hope, dreams & happiness through his art.
Today’s project is inspired by Britto’s painting called “New Day”
What you'll need
Pencil ✏️
Black Marker 🖊
Color Markers (Optional)
Crayons 🖍
Drawing Paper
Watch a sneak peek of today’s drawing!
Practice drawing some of these fun “Britto” style patterns before beginning today’s project!
On fresh paper, draw 4 curving lines across the bottom to create “hills.” Add a smaller curve on top of the hills to be your rising “sun.”
In the space above your “hills,” draw 5 or 6 hearts floating in the “sky.”
Then, draw 4 or 5 sun rays 🌅 that cut through all of your different hearts.
Trace over all your lines with thick, black marker. 🖊
Next, fill every single empty space with different “Britto” style patterns.
Keep filling up all of your empty spaces with these fun patterns.
Don’t forget to fill the insides of the hearts too!
Finally, add as many bright & vibrant colors as you can! 🌈
We hope you enjoyed creating today! -Ms. R & Ms. T ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
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