Instant Pot Chargha! (Tandoori Chicken)
Firstly wash chicken & add vinegar keep it for 30 mins. Pat dry and make deep cuts on it. Remove extra fat.
Now make Chargha spice mix. Ingredients written below: 👇🏻
Add lemon juice & yugurt in Chargha spice mix
Rub the Chargha mix thoroughly over the chicken.Leave it atleast for 4 hours. Dont firget Tie the legs of the chicken with a thread.
Add 1 cup water and place trivet into your Instant Pot. You can use the same method in a plain pressure cooker just add 1/2 glass more water.
Now keep a foil & your chicken on the top.
Add 2 green chillies & lemon with the chicken close the foil & put small cuts for the steam to go inside. Close the lid & Pressure cook for 10 mins.
Smoke the chicken: Add a small piece of coal if you like the charred flavor close the lid of instant pot & open after 5 mins. (Optional)
Now deep fry the chicken from all the sides atleast 5 mins each side or till golden brown.
Chargha Sauce! Add the remaining water of chicken and masala in a pain and cook on medium heat for 10 mins. You can add this sauce on the top of your chargha or serve on the side.
Sprinkle chat masala on the top and serve with fries, rice or sauteéd veggies. Enjoy 😘
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