Jalapeño Bacon Wrapped Dates With Pomegranate
Start by cutting your dates and making a small slit down the center. Remove the pits
Once all the pits are removed, take a scoop of chèvre (goat cheese) and stuff the date.
Once all the dates are stuffed, grab your jalapeño bacon!
Roll your stuffed date so the bacon hugs it! Insert a toothpick to hold it all together for grilling
While you’re getting your grill or oven ready, add 1/3 cup maple syrup to pan. Add pomegranate arils
Cook on low heat 15 min. This is your Pom syrup to drizzle over the dates. Now on to the grill!
Grill! For crispy bacon; on the rack; for not as crispy on the foil. Make sure you have foil under!
Garnish with your pomegranate syrup & fresh chives. Eat them while they’re warm!
Those dates are a real crowd pleaser
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