5 Jumprope Run Skip Moves⚡️
1. Basic run skip; this is the baseline move to the next slides🙌🏻💯 - run on the spot keeping arms in.
You can practice the run skip without the rope. Jogging on the spot while pushing down with forearms👌
Side view of run skip: jog on the spot, keeping arms in elbows back, and looking ahead 🔥
2. Southpaw run skip: bring one arm across whilst keeping the other by your side💯
You can practice this move without the rope first. This clip shows the arm mechanics for the move. Incorporate this with jogging on the spot 😁
Slow mo side view of run skip southpaw: whip open after swinging across with one arm, take it slow 😎👍🏻
3. Run skip Side swing cross🔋- swipe to see the breakdown for this move!
Slow mo of run skip side swing cross: put 1 arm down whilst the other comes over to cross. Repeat this motion 💪🏻
Slow mo of run skip side swing cross: keep one arm down, with the other coming over to cross🔥
4. Run skip crossover 🔥 this is a move where you’re crossing / uncrossing whilst running on the spot.
You can try this move without the rope to get the hang of the arm movement whilst running on the spot😁
Side view of run skip cross: stay light on your feet, keep arms tucked in, lean slightly over when crossing. ✌🏻
5. Run skip double crossover❄️ - swipe to see the break down!
You can try this without the rope. When crossing, rotate your wrists twice for the double cross👍🏻
Side view of run skip double cross: stay light on your feet, rotate wrists twice 💯
Equipment: workout mat & skipping rope🔋
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Rush Athletics Workout Mat
Skipping Rope
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