Killing Thrips On Houseplants
What you'll need
Neem Oil
Rubbing Alcohol
Thrips are tiny insects that can be white or black in colour and have slender, oval bodies.
Thrips puncture holes in plant leaves to suck out the juices to eat. They multiply quickly.
Isolate plants in a room with no other plants. Thrips can't fly but can jump to nearby plants.
Wipe/spray down the leaves with water to shake off any thrips.
Dont forget to wipe the stems! They are filled with crevasses where thrips can hide.
Inspect the plant for surviving thrips. Kill them with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.
Finally, use an insecticide to spray the leaves and soil. Neem oil is a natural alternative to this.
Spraying the soil kills eggs before they hatch and nymphs before they can lay eggs!
Monitor the plant every few days and repeat steps 1 to 4 until thrips are finally eradicated!
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