KOMBUCHA Part 1: Making Your Own SCOBY
What you'll need
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Essencesip Tea Company
Making a SCOBY & “starter tea” is easy. You need this to brew kombucha.
Large jar • Plain black or green tea • Water • Sugar • Raw plain kombucha
Steep 5 tea bags or 10g loose leaf tea until it’s cooled to room temp.
Add steeped tea to a large 3L jar. Add 1/2 C sugar. Stir.
Add 1/2 bottle (8oz) plain raw unpasteurized kombucha. No flavors, no herbs, no spices.
Cool! Now to put together a batch of kombucha which will brew 2 weeks. Can then bottle with flavors!
Gallon jar • 10 tea bags (20g) plain black or green tea • 1 C sugar • Water
Add the brand new SCOBY & all of the starter liquid. Cover. Brew 2 weeks. Then bottle with flavors!
When ready to bottle be sure to hold back 2 C brewed tea & the scoby for your next batch.
Now you’re ready to brew! See my profile on the next step: The 1st Ferment & Bottling
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