Learn All About Gilding Wax!
Let’s learn all about the new Gilding Wax from Dixie Belle!
Gilding wax is a oil based product. It has amazing deep pigment and shine.
There are six new colors of wax. This wax can be applied with a small brush, cloth or your finger.
Buff for a high shine pigment. This works amazing on raised detail.
There are also three new Chameleon Waxes. Each has a iridescent shine. Lilac, Apricot and Cactus.
The Chameleon waxes are semi transparent. You can see the color underneath.
All gilding waxes work amazing with stencils. This stencil is called Royal Damask shown with Apricot
Gilding wax works amazing on hardware. Since this is a oil based products there is no need to seal.
Gilding wax colors include Gold, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Zinc and Black. Highlights detail well.
Gilding wax is the perfect accent to any project! Follow along on all social media @thetopdrawerrva
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Chameleon Gilding Wax
Gilding wax
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