Let’s Walk Through Museum Of The Rockies In Bozeman, MT
My name is Sarah and I live in Bozeman, MT. Let me walk you through our most famous museum - Museum of the Rockies!
You’ll start in a dinosaur exhibit and learn about all the different types of dinosaurs that lived near the Rockies. They even have real Dino bones!
Not all dinosaurs were around at the same time, so you’ll learn which dinosaurs lived in each time period.
They have a LOT of dinosaur skeletons to see. Of course, they don’t have real bones for EVERY part of the skeletons, so some are man made
After the dinosaur era, you’ll see an exhibit that teaches about the native Americans in the area. You’ll learn how they lived with and hunted bison
This part of the US is full of Native American history and it’s such an important subject to learn about. How they made tipis, clothing, etc.
The next exhibit is all about the early vehicles. You’ll get to see horse drawn carriages and covered wagons.
This wagon was decorated like someone lived in it! It reminded me of people that live in their vans today.
Just like dinosaurs, these carriages and wagons took time to invent and innovate - they changed a lot over the years.
One of the early motorized vehicles and what old gas stations used to look like. It was a gas station in front and the persons house in back.
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