Lighten Your Underarms While You Sleep
Some causes of dark armpits could be; overweight, diabetes, medications, ingredients in deodorant, etc.
Potato has lighten properties that help reduce melanin production, and catechol enzymes that help reduce blemishes.
Wash the potato very well, choose a large and fresh one since they have more juice.
The potato can also be used to restore the natural tone of your skin on other parts of your body.
Although the peeler is very practical, if you don't have one you can use a knife.
The acids and enzymes in potatoes are mild, compared to citrus fruits also used to lighten the skin, and they can be irritating to the skin.
Pay attention to allergies, if you have any unusual reaction, discontinue use.
Keeping the potato in the refrigerator helps preserve the water, it will not dry out.
The next day refresh the potato by slicing a layer, to later be used again.
The results vary depending on how consistent you are with the treatment.
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