Little Wood Cuties ❤️
Gather all of your supplies! Print your favorite color or black and white photo copy for your little wood cutie!
I am making a fun valentine cutie today. Find the smoothest side of the wood first. It looks best without bumps and bubbles.
Begin with a 4x4” wood piece. I found scraps around my house. (any scrap size can be used). Start by tracing the wood around the image you chose.
Grab your scissors and cut around your pencil traced line✏️ first.
Spread the mod podge evenly and do not forget the edges. Paint in all directions, so the wood can soak it up to adhere in all areas.
Place your paper cutie to the wood and start putting pressure in the center first, moving in and out to carefully remove any air bubbles.
I used a second piece of wood and applied pressure to adhere paper to wood. Pressing firmly for a minute or two.
Using a hand sander, sand over the paper edges. I like the final cutie to look distressed and vintage. Use a marker to add a note if you care to?
I wrote “Love You” in a black with a thin line black Micron marker.
You might care to add a string or bow to embellish the “little wood cutie!” I feel like it adds extra uniqueness and the cuteness it deserves!
Stage your cuties throughout your house or mail them to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. 💘
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