Loading And Firing A Test Kiln
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Kiln is clean and ready to load. Keep any combustible materials out of the kiln area.
This kiln has a cone sitter. The cone is placed between the two lower and one upper prongs.
This test firing will use cone 2. The cone is made of clay formulated to bend at a specific temp.
The kiln temp will reach 2174 Fahrenheit. When it does, the cone will bend and shut off the kiln.
Before loading the work, place the posts for the second shelf.
Load work when it’s dry. Anything without glaze can touch. Leave gaps around the work with glaze.
When loaded, close the lid. Set the timer, and press in the sitter button...
Also make sure the thumbwheel is on 1 and the lights are on.
The kiln goes off when the cone bends or the timer runs out. It fired 8 hrs, the timer still has 4.
The used, bent cone.
The more you practice the better you get.