London’s Most Horror Attraction; Jack The Ripper Museum
In 1888, Jack the Ripper committed a series of murders in the East End of London that shocked the world. The killings spawned hundreds of theories...
...books & films, each trying to solve the crimes which, to this day, remain a mystery. This grisly museum is based on 6 floors in a Victorian house.
And even though it starts off with a lovely souvenir shop, it recounts stories of the 1888 East End murderer.
The museum starts off directly with an eerie staircase, creepy sound effects, the lives of the victims, and the main suspects in the murders.
The entire museum is full of original police investigations, newspaper clippings, & the daily life of those living in the east end of London in 1888.
The case that takes centre stage is that of Pearly Poll - the last person to see murder victim Martha Tabram alive. She was believed to be a suspect.
Jack the Ripper was infamous for leaving bloody handprints on old maps of London, which were often found alongside the murder victim.
All the original notes researched by journalists at the time are now preserved at the museum, alongside investigative books used to solve the case.
Objects and letters written by murder victims are also displayed here, which only enhance the eerie atmosphere.
This is the original knife & a gun-like weapon used by Jack the Ripper. Despite locating the main object used on victims, the killer was never found.
The museum is full of real looking objects and original paperwork from 1888 that deserves to be seen! It is right next to Tower Bridge - do visit it!
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