9 Longest Rivers in Louisiana
Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, there are many rivers to be found in the state of Louisiana.
The Mississippi River is the second-longest river on the North American continent.
The Red River was named for its reddish color from passing through red-bed county in its watershed. It is one of several rivers with that name.
The Ouachita River is a 605-mile-long river that runs south and east through both Arkansas and Louisiana.
The Sabine River serves as part of the boundary between Texas and Louisiana and empties into Sabine Lake, an estuary of the Gulf of Mexico.
Pearl River contains large areas of bottomland hardwood swamp and cypress swamp, providing habitat for many specifies of wildlife.
Bayou Bartholomew is the longest bayou in the world. It contains over 100 aquatic species making it the second most diverse stream in North America.
Bayou Macon saw action during the American Civil War including the 1st Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry.
The Boeuf River’s name comes from the French world boeuf which means “ox”.
The Tensas River begins in the northeast corner of the state and eventually merges with the Ouachita River.
Rivers are an important aspects of Louisiana as they define its borders and allow trade to flourish.
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