10 Longest Rivers in the World
There are many long rivers in the world, but which ones are the longest?
The Amur River is 4,440 km long in total and forms much of the border between Russia’s Far East and Northeast China.
The Congo River is 4,700 km long and is considered critical to the ecological health of the world.
Rio de la Plata is officially the widest river in the world reaching 220 kilometers wide in places!
The Ob Irtysh River is 5410 km long and is frozen for half of each year!
The Yellow River is located in China and is 5,464 km long in total.
Yenisei River is located in Russia and Mongolia. It sadly suffers from pollution caused by a radioactive discharge from a plutonium factory.
The Mississippi River is located in North America and is home to some 260 species of fish!
The Yangtze River is 6,300 km long and is the longest river in Asia!
The Amazon River starts high in the Andes mountains in Eastern South America and runs all the way to the Southern Pacific Ocean!
At 6,650 km, the Nile River in the longest river in the world!
Have you seen any of these well-known rivers?
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