Low Impact Total Body Workout - No Equipment
3x10/side. Start in a long lunge. The front quad & hammer carry your body weight. Abs gripped tight hold your spine neutral as you move the back leg.
3x10/side. In the long lunge stance, tighten abs, shoulders back & down. Back knee lowers towards floor as arms move. Keep arms long & engaged.
3x30/side. Form tips: keep standing leg soft so your quad carries your body weight. Tilt your tailbone and grip ands tight to hold your spine neutral
3x30/side. Form Tips: keep shoulders, hips, toes in a straight line. Grip abs & seat to engage obliques and seat to lifer leg just to hip height.
3x30/side. Form Tips: you moving knee and quad stay horizontal @ hip height. Shoulders pull back & down. Grip abs tight.
3x10: (L/Center/R =1 set). Form Tips: grip abs, push low back to floor. Crunch your low back down every time.
Thanks for working out with me! For more ways on Making Time For Me Time through fitness, fashion & food visit us on FB-IG-YT @sostyled.jen 💗Jen
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