Lower Body Barre Workout
Hi, I’m Devin! Thanks for joining me. All you need for this barre workout is some clear floor space and a chair or wall to use for balance.
Let’s begin our warm up with some marches. Keep your abs drawn in and lower your arms as you raise your knees. 30seconds - 1 minute.
Continue marching, rotating your torso. Bring your opposite elbow toward your lifted knee. 30 seconds - 1 minute
Walk your feet wide and squat. As you stand tall alternate taping your toes as you press deeply into the grounded foot. 30 seconds - 1 minute.
Add your arms - reach them together at chest height, 30 seconds. Then, reach them up towards the sky for the next 30 seconds.
Keep squatting! Continue warming up the hamstrings by lifting your heel to your glute. 30 seconds.
Walk your feet into a wide second position. Your knees should point towards the toes. Squat deeply, keeping the torso tall. Repeat 8x
From your deep squat lift 3-4 inches then lower to your starting position. Repeat 8x
Your thighs should be burning! Keep holding your deep squat and begin to lift and lower your heels, working the calves. Repeat 8x
Stand tall, bring heels together, and keep them connected. Knees are pointing in the direction of your toes. Squat and lift 3-4 inches. Repeat 8x
Stay low and pulse. Repeat 8x
Back to small range, lift and lower about 3-4 inches. Repeat 8x
Flush it out- Full range! From your deep squat draw the thighs together and straighten the knees. Repeat 8x
Rotate the feet to parallel, keeping them under your hips. Sink down into your squat and lift 3-4 inches. Repeat 8x
Hold for two counts of 8.
Flush it out- Full range! From your deep squat stand tall and straighten the knees. (Try to keep your heels lifted for more of a challenge) Repeat 8x
Rotate towards your chair/wall for support. Rotate one foot out about 45. Bring the opposite toes back and lift the leg from the glute. Repeat 8x
Keep the toes lifted and pulse. Repeat 8x.
Switch legs beginning with the leg lift. Keep the lifted knee straight. Repeat 8x
Pulse. Repeat 8x
Excellent job! If your up for a challenge repeat all exercises 1-2 more times.
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