12 Lower Body Stretches (15 Minutes Total)
Hold stretches until *mild discomfort* NOT pain. Try to keep your muscles relaxed, and knees as straight as possible
Forward fold - 30 seconds (fold only as much as you can - if you can’t touch the floor yet, that’s fine!)
Wide forward fold - 30 seconds
Left and right nose to knee - 30 seconds each side (keep your knee straight. It’s not mandatory to touch your nose to your knee! Do what you can)
Low lunge - 30 seconds each side
Lizard lunge - 30 seconds each side (if you can’t get your forearms to the ground, that’s fine! Stay on your hands until you build more flexibility)
Pigeon - 30 seconds each side (this ones tough - do what you can! Try to keep your hips square and don’t allow too much pressure on your knees)
Cobbler pose - 30 seconds (you can use your elbows to press down on your knees for a deeper stretch)
Wide seated fold - 30 seconds
Left and right nose to knee - 30 seconds each side
Seated forward fold - 30 seconds each side (try to keep shoulders relaxed and don’t bend your back too much. Hinge at the hips as much as possible)
Kneeling quad and hip flexor stretch - 30 seconds each side)
Lying quad stretch - 30 seconds each side
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