Make A Cost Efficient Mock Polaroid Decor
What you'll need
Two Thumb Nails
A 12 inch piece of yarn
Four Clothes pins
A few sheets of blank or printed paper
I print all my picture at my home printer
A at home printed picture
I use Elmer’s for the price and function
Any form of glue
First! Grab your paper and cut out a rectangular shaped piece! ☁️
Second, print some of your favorite pictures with your pals! This decor is meant to show memories πŸ’—
Third, make sure to print these Pictures in a rectangular form! Then glue it on the piece of paper!
Fourth! Take your yarn or string and cut it to size, I recommend 12 inches! ✨
Then make sure to have your clips handy! For the next step!
Then clip your pictures on to your yarn or string! Make sure to put them up straight!
Finally grab your thumb tacks and hang this quick, cost efficient, and easy home decors anywhere!
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