Make A Floral Honey
Raw Honey
1 part
Dried Bee Balm
1 part
Dandelion Flower
1 part
Dried Lavender
1 part
Dried Chamomile
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Add about 2 cups dried herbs in equal parts to a glass jar or Pyrex container.
Add raw honey so that it fully covers the herbs, then stir to combine.
Add honey and herbs to a pot of water just at boiling point, then immediately turn to medium low.
Be sure the honey never bubbles or boils. Check often! Simmer in double boiler for 2 hours.
While warm, strain herbs from honey! Press with a spoon to get all goodness out.
Now you’ve got a medicinal floral honey! Try making herbal honeys with other herbs too.
Alternatively, you can add your herbs to honey and allow to sit in a dark place for a month!
Add honey to hot water for a floral tea, get creative in the kitchen, or make medicine for kids!