Make A Fold Over Fabric Face Mask Pouch In 5 Minutes
One of the best ways to store your fabric face mask while on the go? Make a little fold over pouch!
You need: Three 4” x 6” pieces of 100% cotton fabric & some sewing clips.
Fold one long edge over 1/4” then fold another 1/4” & clip to prepare for sewing. This piece will be the one that folds over to close the pouch.
Place the fabric right side down & use a 1/8” allowance to secure the inside of the folded edge.
Take 2nd piece of fabric & place it right side down. Fold long edge 1/2” toward center & clip. Zigzag stitch to secure. (This also prevents fraying.)
Layer fabrics to form pouch shape. Use clips to mark a 2” turning hole on the bottom edge.
Sew around the pouch using 1/4” seam allowance. Remember to leave a 2” turning hole on the bottom edge.
Trim all the extra thread & clip the corners. Turn right sides out & poke out corners.
Sew the hole closed and finish the raw inside edge of pouch with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.
The pouch is done! It fits both the pleated mask with ties and the 3D mask with elastic.
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