What you'll need
One per project
Jumbo Craft Stick
Up to 4
LED’s (5mm)
Up to 18”
1/4" Copper Tape
1 per project
3v Coin Cell Battery (CR2032)
1 small piece
Sand Paper
1.5" (Medium) Binder Clip
Gather your materials - a battery, LED’s, copper tape, clip, sandpaper and craft stick
The long wire (anode) on each LED needs to be bent into an “L” to help identify them as positive.
Tear two pieces of copper tape that are slightly shorter than your craft stick.
Expose one end of copper tape, attach to stick & carefully peel backing away. Repeat on reverse.
Place a loop of copper tape on positive [+] side of battery & press onto tape on one side of stick.
Slide LED’s onto stick with bent anodes [+] on battery side.
Carefully apply small piece of copper tape on top of bent anodes - sandwich them!
Repeat on opposite. Press copper tape firmly for snug connection. Loose LED’s won’t glow!
Place sandpaper inside binder clip & scrape both sides to expose bare metal. This is your switch!
Attach clip to stick, touching battery & opposite copper strip. LED’s don’t work? Check connection
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