Make A Optical Color Mixing Top (PK - 5)
What you'll need
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2 per student
Wooden Wheels
4” or more per student
1/4” Dowel
1 per student
Printable Top Sheet
3 per student
Primary Markers
Pencil Sharpener
This project works with some basic materials - primary colors, wooden components, and a printable.
Use our printable from the materials page - and use only primary color markers, pencils or crayons.
Alternate colors - don’t mix or blend. Lay lines and shapes next to each other. Experiment!
Cut out shapes. Bend so they lay flat (marker will make them curl). Symmetrical shapes work best.
Use pruning shears (staff only) or coarse hacksaw blades to cut 1/4” dowels. These fit your wheels.
Cut dowels so they are 4” or shorter. Shorter tops spin better. You can always adjust later.
Sharpen in a pencil sharpener. You can sharpen both ends for a double sided top!
Punch through the center of the shape.
Each shape acts differently - experiment with them!
Color mixing is subtle. Experiment to see what patterns reveal secondary colors best.
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