Make A Rubble From Paw Patrol Mask In Under 20 Minutes
Get your mask patterns ready
Cut out the foam pieces for the mask using the patterns
Once you have all the foam pieces cut out, it is time to assemble the mask
Over Rubble’s beautiful brown fur place the white coloring of his coat
Now it is time to add his construction helmet. To get a more 3D feel, add a second smaller piece to the center of the helmet and over that the badge
The final pieces are the white of Rubble’s ears.
Use a hole puncher to make an opening on each side of the mask
Finally thread and knot ribbon in the holes you just made for the mask ties.
And you are done!
What you'll need
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White craft foam
Yellow Craft Foam
Brown Craft Foam
Glue Stick
Hole Puncher
Black Fabric Ribbon
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