Make A Self Portrait Tile With Clay
What you'll need
A Hunk Of Clay
Cup With Water & Scoring Tools
Self Portrait Sketch
Speedball Underglazes
Paint Brushes And Pencil
Sham Wow Towels
Art History Inspiration
Rolling Pin Or Dowel
Roll out a slab for the base of the portrait. It should measure about: 5”x 7”
Place the sketch on top of the slab. Use a pencil to transfer the outline & details onto the clay.
Remove the sketch, the design is softly on the tile. Use a pencil to lightly carve over the lines.
Roll coils and create shapes and forms to make the portrait.
Try it on! If it looks good, scratch to attach with water. If it’s not looking good, try again!
Try adding details above the face. Maybe a bit behind the hair. Try it on first! Scratch to attach!
Use your fingers to smooth. Use a tool to create details.
Clean up any crumbs or snaggy bits before you paint.
Ceramic underglaze is a good way to add color to the clay portrait.
Carve through the underglaze to add more details and sign your name!
Have fun! Real Artists make mistakes. The more you practice the better you get.
Still painting!
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