What you'll need
1 per student, pre-cut to 5 inches
3/4” PVC Pipe
2 per student
3/4” PVC Endcaps
25 pd. Bag per classroom
1 per student pair
1 per student pair
Paper Triangle Cups, Cut Into A Funnel
1 per student pair
Medium Container
1/4 sheet per student
Sand Paper, 100 Grit
1/4 sheet per student
Sandpaper, 220 Grit
2 class sets of 24 markers
Alcohol Markers Per Decoration
1 for teacher
PVC Pipe Cutter
1 per teacher
Adult Scissors
Pre-cut your PVC pipes to 5 inches. 1 per student.
Put 1 PVC endcap onto the 5 inch PVC pipe.
Use your paper funnel to fill your shaker 1/2 way full of Shot. A buddy works best here!
Secure your 2nd PVC Endcap.
Sand with 100 grit, then 220 grit to allow the markers to decorate the surface.
Decorate with Alcohol based markers. If they aren’t staying on your shaker, you didn’t sand enough!
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