Make A Sparkly Disco Pumpkin
White Hollow Craft Pumpkin (with stem)
Silver Spraypaint
Drill with 1/16 drill bit
Hot glue gun and glue
Gemstones of Various Sizes
Wire or String
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Spray paint your pumpkin silver- don’t forget the bottom!
At the bottom of the stem, drill a tiny hole from one side to the other.
Use a pencil to lightly dot your pumpkin in a diagonal line from bottom to top. Repeat 8x around.
Hot glue three dots at a time and add your big gemstones until you’ve covered every dot.
Fill in the remaining space with the smaller gems, hot gluing dots to the pumpkin first.
Use a wire or string to thread the stem. Adjust the length to your desired hanging height.
Attach the wire/string to the ceiling or light fixture.