Make A Vibrating Hobby Motor (1st - 8th)
What you'll need
Hobby Motor
1” to 2” piece
Glue Stick
Electrical Tape
Cut into 3/4” slices
Bicycle Innertube - 1” - 1.5” Diameter
Add a glue stick to a hobby motor and make it vibrate! Perfect for kinetic sculptures and tinkering
Cut 1” - 2” off of a “mini” glue stick with heavy shears.
Push motor into the glue stick - place on table & push shaft in. Push in end for more vibration!
Twist the end of wires if they’re frayed!
Wrap wires with electrical tape where they contact motor to keep them from breaking off.
Cut a battery holder from a used bicycle innertube. Cut off 1/4” to 1/2”. Don’t use road bike tube
Test motor by inserting the wires under battery holders on each end. Reverse wires to spin other way
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