Make An Awareness Ribbon
Awareness ribbons are colorful ribbons worn in to bring awareness & show support for a specific cause.
You need: felt scraps that are at least 8” long & 3” wide, rotary cutter & mat, ruler, & glue gun. Pin tack backing & earring posts are optional.
For a larger ribbon cut a 1”x 7” felt strip. Keep the scraps for smaller ribbons!
Pull the strip lengthwise.
Form the shape of the awareness ribbon.
Glue the fold in the ribbon together using the glue gun.
Now let’s make awareness ribbon pins!
To make a medium size ribbon, cut a strip that measures 1/2” x 4.5”.
Repeat the previous steps: pull the felt strip lengthwise, then form your ribbon. You may or may not glue this depending on it’s application.
This size also works for pins. You can also use this as an appliqué for a bag or pillow. For those projects no glue, just thread.
For a small ribbon, the felt should be 3/8” x 2”.
You’re now a pro at ribbon forming, yes?
Use glue if you want to make earrings. Thread is all you need if this will be a delicate appliqué.
Making awareness pins & earrings are an easy way to start but the options are endless.
Stop by for more tutorials that will help you support causes you love.
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