Make an Invisible Ink UV LED Wand (2nd - 8th)
What you'll need
One per participant
Jumbo craft Stick
10" - 12" per participant
1/4" Copper Tape
One per participant
Ultraviolet LED (5mm)
Two per participant
3v Coin Cell Batteries (CR2032)
One per participant
1.5" (Medium) Binder Clips
2" square, reusable and sharable
Small Pieces Of Sandpaper
Mark craft stick with negative and positive symbols.
Tear & apply copper tape - peel back a little, stick down, and carefully remove backing as you go.
Identify the annode (positive wire) of your LED by bending a "foot" on the longer leg.
Slide LED onto the craft stick with bent annode on the "+" side. Cover each leg with copper tape.
Remove paint from the inside edge of a binder clip - this is your springy switch / battery holder!
Take two 3V batteries, stack positives up & clip both to negative side copper tape. Time to glow!
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