What you'll need
18 inch dowel per student
Dowel Rods
1 per student pair
Hacksaw Blade 24 tpi, 10”
Sheets cut in 1/4 to 4 inch by 3 inches
Sticky Foam
5 sheets per student
Tag Board
2 rolls
Masking Tape
1/4 sheet per student
Sandpaper 100 Grit
1/4 sheet per student
Sandpaper 220 Grit
Class set
Assorted Crayola Markers
Set up your cutting mats using a stack of 5 sheets of tag board taped to cover the edge of the table
Prepare hacksaws for little hands by cutting each sawblade in half.
Wrap the end of both blades in sticky tape to made a handle.
Mark halfway. Use your new saw to saw through the drumsticks. Saw lightly for best results.
Sand both drumsticks with 100 grit then 220 grit. Sand longer then you think you need to.
Decorate using crayola markers!
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