Make Instant Printing Blocks (K-8)
What you'll need
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3 or more
Water Based Markers
1 per student
Styrofoam / Coated Paper Plate
One per student, 3" x 3" or smaller
Sticky Foam Pieces
1 each, assorted sizes fine
Block of Pine
1/4 block per student for many experiments
Paper or Post Its
Basic Stamp Coach Guide
Gather your materials - markers, scissors, block, sticky foam, plate, paper
Draw a shape and cut. If letters, draw on back paper and cut (will come out reversed, it's ok!)
Cut the shape to fit your block if needed.
Create a layer of color on your plate - this is your ink!
Ink your block by pressing into the color. You may need to do more than once.
You can use lots of course if you'd like - create "rainbow"blends
You can create multiple patterns on the same block!
Use your color palette wisely - try not to muddy the colors.
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