Make Solar Prints (PK - 8)
What you'll need
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1 per student pair
Plastic Plate
1 per participant, re-usable
Plastic Film / Sheet
1 sheet per participant
Blueprint Paper
1 per student pair
Black Dry Erase Marker
A bowl full for a class
Assorted Small Objects / Shapes
1 bottle per every three plates
Solar Prints Coach Guide
Using a black dry erase marker, draw a design on a transparency or plastic sheet.
Remove blueprint paper from lightproof package. Lay face down - don’t start exposing too early!
Flip & lay transparency over the paper, add 3D objects or cutouts to block UV exposure!
Expose 1-2 min based on sun. Don’t overexpose, and flip until you’re ready to soak in water!
Lay exposed print in a shallow tray of H2O to stop developing and wash out unexposed areas.
Remove from tray and lay out to dry. You can carefully blot dry if needed.
As it dries, your solar image will darken significantly. Allow up to 24 hours.
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