Make Veggie Broth from Kitchen Scraps!
What you'll need
Frozen Scraps
Fresh Turmeric
Kombu Strip
Carrot Tops
Fennel Scraps
Shiitake & Button Mushrooms
Spring Water
Bell Pepper
Chaga & Reishi
Instead of throwing out/composting veggie scraps, store the ends and nibs in your freezer for broth!
Create a plant forest! Gather all veggies and scraps. Chop them up into small pieces.
Grab a crock pot, slow cooker or regular ol’ stove pot and add veggies in.
Don’t forget your medicinal mushies. I use chaga and reishi because they love a long slow brew.
Add spring or purified water. Set crock pot to 20 hours. If stovetop, simmer for 6 hours. Voila!
Enjoy your broth! I like to use it to steam, cook veggies and grains instead of heating any oil.
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