Making A Modern Mailbox
Draw 3 lines that are 9 inches apart on a plate steel. Use an angle grinder to score the lines.
Clamp some 2×4s to the steel piece, so that it bends up and put some concrete bags to hold it down.
Reposition the handles & bend the other sides of the steel plate.
To finish the bend use MakerBrand T-Bar Clamps & bend them a little past 90 degrees.
Use a table saw to cut 3/4” inch oak to width for the bottom/ends & use a miter saw to cut to length
Use a 8” inches Quiktube as a form for concrete & place it in a hole that is 16” inches deep.
Mix 2 bags of Quikrete concrete mix into the Quiktube & insert in a 10”inches piece steel pipe.
Put a flat disk on the angel grinder & round the cut edges over. Use a drill to make holes in steel
Clean the steel with acetone & paint it with rusty metal primer.
Make a flag out of steel with an angel grinder.
Cut a 1” inch angel steel piece for the mailbox door stop. Paint flag blue & all other pieces white.
Let the concrete set for 20-40 minutes & peel away cardboard Quiktube. Glue & screw the oak pieces.
Stain all the oak pieces with MakerBrand Simple Finish. Drill in hinges & a handle on mailbox.
Krazy Glue the steel angle to the inside of the mailbox.
Slide the oak wood pieces inside the steel housing & drill in stainless steel fasteners.
Cut a 1/8” inch piece of cork and place it on the steel angle, so that the mailbox can open easily.
Add some additional bolts to the side of the mailbox, so the flag can stay vertical or horizontal.
Attach 3/4”inch pipe to mailbox & screw to the concrete foundation. Coat the bolts with flex steal.
Here is the end result, a heavy duty steel mailbox that doesn’t require any welding!
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