Mandala Inspired Paper Heart Craft
Supplies: 4 sheets white construction paper, scissors, markers, glue stick, white yarn, something round to trace (about 4” across)
What you'll need
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Printable Heart template
Fold one of the pieces of white paper in half & cut out a large heart shaped. Make 4 identical hearts. *There is a template available if you prefer.
Use something round (about 4”) to trace for the start of your mandala design. Build on that in layers using various colors. Repeat on each heart.
Make a simple tassel with the white yarn. The piece of yarn at the top should be extra long since it will go through the middle and be the hanger.
Glue the halves of 2 of the hearts together. Press firmly to help the glue take hold.
Keep adding hearts until all 4 are attached but do not glue the last 2 halves together yet. First place your tassel in the center. Then glue it shut.
Hang it in a place where it has room to turn.
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