March 2021 DIY & Home Content Ideas
Happy National Craft Month! March is a big one for DIY & crafts, so let’s jump right into ideas...
March Meet the Maker: Create content around these prompts all month long and share on Jumprope and IG with #marchmeetthemaker
For day 4, “on your desk”, share your favorite craft supplies you always have nearby, like @countrypeony does here.
For day 8, “work in progress”, share a tutorial for a fun technique, like @fiberflux does here with a crocheted curlicue.
For day 17, “process”, share one of your favorite tutorials, like @jessiekatzgreenberg does here with a lettering trick.
Women’s History Month: celebrate by sharing tips and techniques to include powerful quotes in your projects, like @elinescreativeprojects does here.
Or spend time sharing traditional crafts that connect you to the women who came before you, like this quilting tutorial by @hexadoodlequilts.
St. Patrick’s Day: A great excuse to create colorful crafts and home decor! DIY something with rainbows, like @slumberingalligator does here.
You could share shamrock craft ideas for the whole family, like @gknupp does here with this simple paper banner.
Or just incorporate green into any home projects to stay on theme, like this bold furniture flip by @thetopdrawerrva.
Spring and Easter: Spring is (almost) here, so it’s time for spring crafts, home hacks, and Easter decor. DIY herb garden by @LifeonSummerhill.
Spring cleaning is top of mind, so share cleaning and organization tips like these storage ideas from @sydneyandco.
Get ahead by creating Easter content now, like egg dyeing, basket DIYs, or cute decor like these wood bead carrots by @Thissliceoflife.
Happy creating!
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