Mat Board Intaglio
I repurpose the mat board scraps from mounting my student work!
Cut the mat board down to the size you want!
Draw directly onto your plate or transfer a drawing you’ve already made
I used tracing paper and a soft lead pencil to transfer my sketch
Once your drawing is done, prepare to coat your plate with gloss varnish
Coat evenly and let dry. To really protect your plate, coat the back once the front has dried
Incise the lines with an X-acto knife. You can also peel away the top layer to create low relief
Coat once more with gloss varnish
While your varnish dries, rinse your papers under a running faucet and stick them in a plastic bag
Prepare to ink your plate! Cover your work surface and gather materials! *Gloves recommended
Evenly coat your plate with ink, ensuring that ink gets into the grooves. Wipe the surface clean.
Place your plate on the press bed
With clean hands, place damp paper on the plate and run it through the press
Pull back the layers to see how it turned out!
Tip: always make a ghost print while there’s still ink on the plate!
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