Math & Paper Engineering Pop Ups: Practice & Template
What you'll need
Index Cards
Layer Box Template
Cotton Swab
Large Paper Clip Or Butter Knife
Gather all your materials. A flat work space is helpful.
Let’s practice making layers! Fold card in half. Mark the approximate center. Draw two parallel lines from the center to the folded edge of the card.
Cut on the marked parallel lines. Use a ruler and a paper clip to score a line across the edge of the section that is cut.
Now fold the section of card that you scored. Fold it back and forth to crease it well on both sides.
Open the card slightly, and push the tab to the inside of the card.
When you open the card you will see the layer.
Experiment with adding another layer of the practice card. Find the center of the section, draw 2 lines, cut just the two layers of card & pop up!
Take out the Boxes template from the packet & one blank page of card stock. Let’s prepare the template for cutting and folding.
Make the basepage: use a ruler to find the center. Score the center with a paper clip or butter knife. Crease it well and set it aside.
Score all the fold lines (dotted lines) on the template with a paper clip or butter knife before cutting.
Cut out the model on the solid lines. Crease all the fold lines and evaluate the model for understanding.
Always use glue on the tabs. Use a cotton swab or your little finger to apply the glue to the tab.
This is how the template works. Take a look at what parts move. Evaluate what the next step should be.
Attach the model to the basepage with glue. The tabs inside the model will align with the center crease of the basepage.
In a pop up, everything must fold flat. An easy way to make sure that the model will fold flat= glue it when it’s flat.
Give the glue time to set! Count a few extra seconds before you open the card!
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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