Mending With The Weaving Method
You will need a tapestry needle, embroidery floss, perle cotton or thin yarn, a glass or darning egg to fit inside, snips, and something to mend
If you want to you can use a hair tie to secure your sock or whatever you’re mending around the glass
Begin stitching a small distance from the area to be mended, using a running stitch. Try to offset the stitches in each row
Work the running stitches about a thread thickness apart, back and forth beyond the hole or weakened area
When you come to a hole, simply pull the thread across without distorting the shape of the remaining fabric, and continue enough to anchor the thread
Once you have covered the entire area in one direction, stop with the thread on the top and cut, leaving a long tail
Begin again leaving a long tail. Work the stitches in and out of the previous stitches. Turn at the end of each row and repeat on the way back
If you’re filling in a hole, weave the needle in and out of the thread bars, and continue stitching a bit beyond
Each pass through the area with the hole, snuggle the stitches against the previous stitching so the woven portion forms a nice fabric
Continue well past the hole or weakened area and leave a long thread tail at the end as well
Once the hole is patched and/or the weakened area is reinforced, it’s time to weave the ends through the back
P.S. You can use the eye end if the needle to weave a shorter thread tail through the back to secure
We’re done!
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