Mini Pom Pom Earrings For Valentine’s Day
You need: multicolored yarn, dental floss, necklace chain, & 2 ear wires. Tools: scissors, pliers, wire cutters, & a medium bowl.
Take the yarn & wind it 30 times around your index & middle finger. Remove yarn bundle from fingers & set aside. Repeat process to 2nd bundle.
Use an 8” piece of dental floss to tie each yarn bundle together at its center. Make the knot as tight as possible. Knot it again for extra hold.
Cut two pieces of chain at 1.5” each. Add an ear wire to an end of each piece of chain.
Cut two 8” pieces of dental floss. Take the chain end w/out ear wire & thread the floss through the last link of the chain.
Now we get to make the pom poms so grab your bowl & scissors. First, use the scissors to open up the loops.
Now give each yarn ball a deep trimming.
All that’s left is to add the ear wire with the chain to each pom pom.
Who will get these cuties as a gift on Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day?
Pro tip: Save the trimmings!
What you'll need
Colorful Yarn
Two 1.5” pieces
Necklace Chain
Ear Wires
Dental Floss
Medium Bowl
Chain-Nose Pliers
Jewelry Wire Cutters
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