10 Minute Painted Background For Lettering & Crafting
This painting technique creates a lot of texture & motion. It’s a great background for lettering, handmade cards, & scrapbooking.
You’ll need paper/canvas, small flat brush, palette, multiple hues acrylic paint in one color family, a couple metallics, white, & paper towels.
Fill your palette with acrylic paints. You need several hues of one color (I’m using green), plus a few metallics, white, & one pop color.
Start painting with light, loose strokes. Go slow, my video is sped up 1.5x so you can see the full process!
Here’s a look at the loose strokes in slow motion. The brush goes in a different angle each time, almost making X’s and V’s.
Rotate between a few light colors & white to cover the full canvas.
Time to start layering! Using a light touch with very little paint on the brush, create more sporadic angled strokes.
Martha Stewart’s pearl paint works great here to add depth and dimension.
Brush off excess paint as needed.
Continue adding lots of different hues and metallics.
Add back in some flat white to create depth and light.
Time for a contrasting or pop color, I chose a blue that still has a lot of green in it. Use this sparingly!
Layer some greens back over your pop color. You don’t want the pop color sitting on top of everything else.
As you get towards the end, pick up the piece frequently to look it over and see what more it needs.
Mine just needed a little more mid green and metallic silver, then it’s done!
Here’s a full time lapse in another color way. In real time this painting took just under 10 minutes!
Time to get crafty with your custom hand painted backgrounds!
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