Modern Book Sling side table
So excited to share how I made this awesome side table in collaboration with ACE Hardware.
TOOLS from ACE Hardware- Craftman Sliding Miter saw, sander, drill, pockethole jig, Gorilla Glue, measuring tape, clamps, sewing machine
SUPPLIES - Oak boards, wooden dowels + black suede
Measure + mark all your wood cuts and cut with your Craftman Sliding Miter Saw.
Sand down all rough edges.
Clamp your board and using a drill press (or hand-held drill) create two holes for the suede sling and dowel to rest in.
Use clamps and a pockethole jig to create holes in your wood to connect the legs.
Using wood glue and clamps to secure joints and add screws.
While the table is drying, you can cut and sew your suede sling.
Measure for your table top, secure wood in sliding miter saw and cut. Then give wood one final sanding on all edges.
Add wood glue to the table top and clamp down. A few small nails later and your side table is complete!
Sit back, pour yourself a beverage and enjoy a good book... and your new Modern Sling Side Table!
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