I’m so excited to share!
Now, it feels like an extension of our house but very much for our little guy.
We DIY’d the reading loft a few years ago.
We had to upgrade the ladder and the upholstery.
Books and random storage up top and clothes underneath.
The storage is full of Legos and books.
The Pokemon poster was super cheap and the Exit sign was found used.
I spray painted it a long time ago.
Love the sconce so much!
We have it connected on a remote so he can turn it off/on easily.
The rug is a vintage find and I made the plant bag.
I have the DIY on my site to the plant bag.
Harry Potter sheets. Greyson wanted Pokemon and Harry Potter in his room.
The sheets feel classy. We brought in texture with the blanket and pillows.
Both are really great!
Soft textiles, reading, Lego, Harry Potter, Pokemon... these are his favorite things.
All the kid “treasures”
This space needed extra light which we focused on.
Bookcase has lots of storage.
Baskets filled with MORE Legos.
Piggy banks and a cookbook stand for a display book.
Really love how this looks!
Magnetic map wall is a DIY that we did years ago.
The dresser is a vintage Craigslist find.
A fake plant on the left.
We just love how it turned out.
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