Monochromatic Mango/pineapple Pops
What you'll need
A Blender
1 Cup Mangos
2 Cup Fresh Pineapple
1 Can coconut Milk
Organic Honey
Popsicle Mould
Cut your mango and pineapple!
After you cut your fruit, put it in the blender to make a nice yellow purée
In a bowl, place coconut milk and honey to taste. Spoon the mixture into one of your popsicle moulds
Next, spoon just a little bit of your fruit purée into the coconut milk. Mix completely.
Pour the light yellow mixture into one of the popsicle moulds.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you gradually darken your mixture and you fill all of your moulds
Freeze for 6hrs or overnight. Then enjoy!
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