Monochromatic Rainbow Pin
What you'll need
1 tube
E6000 Glue
1 package
Fimo Soft Light Cleah
1 package
Premo Beige
1 package
Fimo Effects Rose Gold
1 set
Pin Back
1 knife
Exacto Knife
1 sheet
Glass Baking Pan or Silicone Baking Sheet
1 package
Glass Cleaning Wipes
1 bottle
Sculpey Bake And Bond
Roll a ball of each color: M&M, peanut M&M, and almond M&M sized. Roll each into a "snake".
Decide on the shape of your Rainbow.
Arrange bows into a rainbow shape. Spread a thin layer of Bake & Bond on the edge of each to glue.
Use the Exacto knife to slice the end of your bows to create a nice flat bottom.
Bake for 15 minutes at 230 degrees F
Apply a dot of E6000 glue centered near the top of your baked rainbow and allow to dry for 24 hours.
Experiment with smaller sizes to make earrings!
Try different color combos too!
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