Montana Top Tips & Things To Do
Be sure to dress well and pack your sunscreen as well as tick spray. Montana has ticks and tick-borne illnesses.
The roads and walkways can get very slippery and slushy during the winter, making travel difficult. Temps can also get below 0.
So take usual winter precautions, as the low temps and wind chill can easily lead to hypothermia if you aren't careful.
Have contingency plans if you go off the beaten track. Cell coverage is nonexistent in many rural parts of Montana.
Best piece of advice a local gave me: always have a jacket, raincoat, and boots. You never know when the weather will suddenly change, any month!
Make sure there is enough gas in your car at all times. Gas stations can be far apart at times. Outhouses can be very far apart or gross at times.
Always monitor weather and road conditons. Montana can get some significant windstorms and snowstorms. Google "MDT road conditions" during winter.
If possible, pack an emergency kit for your car that includes items to survive extreme cold. Avoid deserted roads you could get stranded on in winter.
Pack bearspray, always properly store your food, and make enough noise on hikes. Montana has black bears and grizzly bears.
Keep an eye out for other dangerous animals like mountain lions or rattlesnakes (Montana has the Prairie Rattlesnake).
Here are some things to consider doing in Montana.
Winter activities! Snowshoe, sled, ice skate, ski, ice fish, and cross country ski! Only thing hard to do is build a snowman due to our powdery snow.
Visit Yellowstone National Park! Stay in Montana near either the North or West entrances.
Find hidden gems. Montana is a huge state and has a ton of attractions, including tons of hiking and state parks, everything from easy to difficult.
Catch a Montana sunset or sunrise. I grew up in Hawai'i and am not afraid to say I've seen some of the most stunning sunsets in Montana!
Go hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, kayaking, and more. Montana is full of outdoor adventure!
Visit a ghost town. Montana has several ghost towns, and Bannack State Park is an incredible one not to miss.
If you're into history, there are many museums in Montana's cities, as well as other historic places to check out.
Go shopping. Montana has a lot of small businesses and souvenirs to get, whether it be huckleberry jam or a Montana mug. This store is in Lincoln!
Go camping! Again, be "bear aware" and you need to watch the temperatures, but otherwise people love camping and taking RV trips in Montana!
Visit Glacier National Park. It would be a crime to skip this gorgeous national park!
Visit the state capital--check out my guide to Helena, Montana, which is halfway between the two national parks.πŸ˜‰
"I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love." --Steinbeck
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