Mosaic Kit: “Back Butter” Cementing
What you'll need
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Mosaic Tile Kit
The design is complete, or a large section of it is! The panel is already wired for hanging.
The cement (thin-set mortar) is mixed and ready. Taught in separate Jumprope!
Have a clean wet towel ready, & a few craft sticks. Be sure the backerboard is free of debris.
Start in one corner, pick up 1 at a time & butter with cement. It should be just enough, not thin.
Woah! Too much!
Continue to set tiles 1 at a time. Take the next one without skipping around, so none are missed!
When the tiles are correctly set, you may hear a sandy crunch.
Cement does not last more than 2 hours! Use it up!Save and clean tools immediately.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
Mosaic kits are available to purchase.
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